Past Honorees

Each year, the FWA honors distinguished women in both the public and private sectors for their achievements, leadership and professionalism. The FWA Women of the Year awards are presented at the Annual Dinner, the organization’s major fundraising activity for its nationally acclaimed scholarship, mentoring and summer training programs. These activities are supported by funds raised from the FWA Annual Dinner.

Private Sector

Public Sector

Martina Hund-Mejean2013-2014
Martina Hund-Mejean
Vicki L. Fuller2012-2013
Vicki L. Fuller
CIO, New York State
Common Retirement Fund
Barbara J. Krumsiek2012-2013
Barbara J. Krumsiek
Chair, President and Chief Executive Officer
Calvert Investments, Inc.
Judith Rodin, P.h.D.2012-2013
Judith Rodin, P.h.D.
The Rockefeller Foundation
Maria BartiromoVisionary Woman of the Year
Betsy West
Executive Producer, Storyville Films and “MAKERS: Women Who Make America”
Maria Bartiromo2011-2012
Maria Bartiromo
Anchor/Managing Editor
Paula Gavin2011-2012
Paula Gavin
The American National Red Cross
Irene Dorner2010-2011
Irene Dorner
President and CEO
Sylvia Ann Hewlett2010-2011
Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Founding President
Center for Work-Life Policy
Karen B. Peetz2009-2010
Karen B. Peetz
Chief Financial Officer
Financial Markets and Treasury Services
BNY Mellon
Gail J. McGovern2009-2010
Gail J. McGovern
President and CEO
The American National Red Cross
Amy Woods2008-2009
Amy Woods Brinkley
Global Risk Executive
Bank of America Corporation
Sheila C. Bair2008-2009
Sheila C. Bair
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Christine A. Poon
Christine A. Poon
Vice Chairman, Board of Directors
Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals Group
Johnson & Johnson
Evelyn H. Lauder
Evelyn H. Lauder
Senior Corporate Vice President,
The Estée Lauder Companies
Founder and Chairman
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Anne M. Mulcahy2006-2007
Anne M. Mulcahy
Chairman & CEO
Xerox Corporation
Kathryn S. Fuller2006-2007
Kathryn S. Fuller
Chair of the Board
The Ford Foundation
Sharon Allen2005-2006
Sharon Allen
Chairman of the Board
Deloitte & Touche USA LLP
Nancy M. Barry2005-2006
Nancy M. Barry
Women’s World Banking
Marjorie Magner2004-2005
Marjorie Magner
Chairman & CEO
Global Consumer
Group, Citigroup
Maria Otero2004-2005
Maria Otero
Founder and President
Women’s Venture Fund
Dina Dublon2003-2004
Dina Dublon
Chief Financial Officer
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Kavita Ramdas2003-2004
Kavita Ramdas
President and CEO
Global Fund for Women
Sallie L. Krawcheck2002-2003
Sallie L. Krawcheck
Chairman & CEO
Smith Barney
Beverly Daniel Tatum, PhD.2002-2003
Beverly Daniel Tatum, PhD.
Spelman College
Mary C.Farrell2001-2002
Mary C. Farrell
Managing Director
Member of the Investment Policy Committee
UBS PaineWebber, Inc.
Kathy S. Wyle2001-2002
Kathy S. Wylde
President and CEO
The New York City
Partnership &
Chamber of Commerce
Nancy Peretsman2000-2001
Nancy Peretsman
Executive Vice President & Managing Director
Allen & Company, Inc.
Catherine R. Kinney2000-2001
Catherine R. Kinney
Group Executive Vice President & Member of the Office of the Chief Executive
New York Stock Exchange
Pamela Thomas-Graham1999-2000
Pamela Thomas-Graham
Executive Vice President, NBC, President and CEO,
Mary L. Schapiro1999-2000
Mary L. Schapiro
NASD Regulation, Inc.
Abby Joseph Cohen1998-1999
Abby Joseph Cohen
Partner & Chief
U.S. Market Strategist
The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky1998-1999
Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky
United States Trade
Edwina Woodbury1997-1998
Edwina Woodbury
Executive Vice President
Alice Rivlin1997-1998
Alice Rivlin
Vice Chair, Board of Governors
Federal Reserve
Nancy Donovan1996-1997
Nancy Donovan
President & COO
NOVUS Financial Corporation
Dr. Ruth J. Simmons1996-1997
Dr. Ruth J. Simmons
Smith College
Lois Juliber1995-1996
Lois Juliber
Colgate-North America
Hon. Madeleine Albright1995-1996
Hon. Madeleine Albright
U.S. Representative
The United Nations
Angela Dunlap1994-1995
Angela Dunlap
MCI Consumer Markets
Laura D'Andrea Tyson1994-1995
Laura D’Andrea Tyson
Assistant to the President
for Economic Policy
Muriel F. Siebert1993-1994
Muriel F. Siebert
President & Chairman
Muriel Siebert & Co.
Hon. Christine Todd Whitman1993-1994
Hon. Christine Todd Whitman
The State of New Jersey
Ellen Gordon1992-1993
Ellen Gordon
President & COO
Tootsie Roll Industries
Hon. Margaret M. Richardson1992-1993
Hon. Margaret M. Richardson
Internal Revenue Service
Judy C. Lewent1991-1992
Judy C. Lewent
Vice President & CFO
Merck and Co., Inc.
Hon. Barbara Hackman Franklin1991-1992
Hon. Barbara Hackman Franklin
U.S. Department of Commerce
No Photo Available
Maria Monet
CFO and Director
Ogden Corporation
Jill M. Considine1990-1991
Jill M. Considine
Managing Director and CAO
American Express Bank
(fomer NYS Superintendent of Banks)

Women of the Year Awards (private sector only)

Joan Edelman Spero1989-1990
Joan Edelman Spero
Senior Vice President and Treasurer
American Express Company
No PhotoAvailable
Deborah Coleman
Vice President, Finance
Apple Computer, Inc.
Karen Horn1987-1988
Karen Horn
Chairman and CEO
Bank One – Cleveland
Cathleen Black1986-1987
Cathleen Black
USA Today
Jane Evans1985-1986
Jane Evans
President and CEO
Monet Crystal Brands, Inc.
Dr. Marina Whitman1984-1985
Dr. Marina Whitman
Vice President and Economist
General Motors Corp.